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What does a graphic designer actually do?

By February 18, 2020February 19th, 2020No Comments

What a graphic designer is:

You know when you introduce yourself to someone and you go through the pleasantries, Hi I Alice, nice to meet you…etc then they ask what you do for a living… and you respond.  I am a Graphic Designer. Their response….ahhhh…ummmm ….What is that? Well….

What a graphic designer is:

By definition graphic design is effective visual communication of an idea or concept.

But no one seems to really understand what that means. I would say it is my most frustrating things that the advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies have added to the confusion as to what one is and how they are so important. Marketing is strategy, pure and simple. Graphic designers are the ones that put it on paper so to speak, that transforms the message/story onto a visual medium that connects with the customers. We help draw your eye around the page, to get the message to connect with you. We are visual people. Personally for me, I am extremely visual, every time I look at branding, store sign, be it ads, logos the lot, I am breaking it down. I am enjoying it for what it is or not enjoying it. How it attracts me or what about it doesn’t attract me. It is in my subconscious.

If you took a moment to realise – the output of a graphic designer is everywhere. You wake, up, use your cereal box, or butter or any kind of packaging – that is our work. The logo of a business. That is our work. The tag you take of your new top, the ads in the paper you see, ….

Graphic design brings colour and life to brands so they can be quickly recognised and remembered for what they stand for and what they offer.
Hope that helps clarify what we do…. we are part of your everyday life!