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7 reasons you need a GREAT logo

By February 10, 2020No Comments

Do I really need a logo?

There are a lot of factors that go into building a business, A LOT, so getting a logo to represent your business may not seem like something that is on top of your To-Do List. Well, just take a moment to read below because it is should be!

An extremely important factor to the success of any business it to have high quality products and services, so too is having a visual aid to send this message.

If you hear yourself saying… ‘Do I really even need a logo?’ the answers is an astounding yes!

Here are 7 reasons on why you need a logo

No 1. Captures Attention… Hello, is anyone there!?

We are all busy, our attention spans are ridiculous and you have about 2-3 seconds to gain the interest of your potential customer that want what you are selling – if even the products or services are worth their time to look into.


As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, well that is in essence of a logo, a quick attention grabbing golden nugget, what stands out for any potential customer. It can communicate a company’s values in an appealing and more memorable way.

That same world we live in, where everything is instantaneous and that quick decisions to move on or explore more, that judgment that we have in today’s society, this is where you turn the negative into a positive…visual representation aka your logo can speak quicker than anything else. You will not be able to portray your company any more quickly than with a logo. Think of it this way… when you are meeting up with someone. Sure you give the address, but you arrive and you message, I am here, near the red door BAM – visual representation which is what people’s attention is drawn too. We do it every day for the basic functions in life. Why wouldn’t we do this for the business we so desperately want to be successful.

No 2. Do first impressions really count….ahhh yeah!

So here we are in that same world of instantaneous and judgment, it is everywhere…. so you have 1 chance to get this right. Now that is a lot of pressure, so how more effectively can you convey what you do enough for the consumer to want to know more about what you sell – specific product or service.

No 3. It is only the beginning – your foundation on who you are – your Brand Identity

Branding is all about telling your story. This is the essence of your business communication. This story is what gets people in the door, the emotional reaction, the emotional strings that are pulled towards making that sale.

Your logo is only the beginning, it lays the foundation of what your brand is about – it is the narrative for your business.

Logo colours, the font (or typeface) that you use, the imagery, the overall feel it portrays is based on your business, what is unique to you and sets up the whole branding process – first page of your story book.
This then rolls out to all your material… continuing your story, on stationary – business cards, email signatures, websites, labels – it goes on. It should be on every piece that exists in your business. This creates a consistency and brand identity that you can promote.

No 4. Meeeemmmmooorrrrriiieeeeessss – envisage a voice from the Cats musical (memories)

Back to that insanely busy life that we live, trying to remember everything is hard. People’s names, shopping lists, what we did on the weekend… arrgghh. Add a visual aid – your logo, and boom, I can remember – it looks familiar, it tugs on my emotions, that was that place I saw that great thing that I wanted!

A successful logo, sends the happy feels to the memory, positivity. Your name alone… sorry what was your name again?

No 5. Why me? What makes me better than my competition

Now a logo can’t create a great product or service, nor provide the outstanding customer service that is required in this competitive market, but it can create the distinction – memory for the customer from why they go to your store, use your service. The visual aid, your logo, is how you don’t get confused. It goes back to those happy feels, they know that your service was great… name again…argghh…oh but the logo with that nice colour tone and font…now encompasses their whole experience. That you are the better choice. That you stand out amongst your competitors.

No 6. They keep coming back!

So back again to the crazy world…things moving quickly, trying to keep on top of everything, our hectic life needs some form of grounding, that is how we function. Consistency in our lives we crave, the familiarity, the reliability that it will be the thing we want.

Apple Mac – this is a huge brand built over years and a lot of money has been spent cultivating trust and desirability. You know you want a computer, you want an Apple Mac. You know the brand and trust that it will deliver what you need.

Your brand will grow and so too will its reach. It will be in everyone’s peripheral vision. You are consciously and subconsciously consuming the visual in. It become familiar. It is trustworthy

No 7. 24/7 Impact

Your logo should be on every piece of collateral that you work with, signage, website, labels, EVERYWHERE. When they look for your business, they are looking for your logo. You are constantly reminding customers that you are a trusted brand and for them to remember, they need to see it. But always remember it is the business behind the logo that creates the ultimate impact, gives the logo the story it represents.

A logo captures attention, it is your business’ first impresssion, the foundation of your brand identity, it creates memories, allows you to stand out from your competition, gain loyalty and make an impact!

So back to that question… Do you really even need a logo? What do you think now?

Don’t miss an opportunity to make an impact when you are not around to yell it to the world. Let you logo do the talking…