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Consistency is KEY!

By September 26, 2022September 19th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to branding, consistency is KEY! We say this all the time, and although it would seem to be common knowledge, the principles often get abandoned by designers leaving clients frustrated.

Imagine a client with an established logo and branding, seeks a designer to create some promotional material for an upcoming campaign. The client is after a magazine ad, social media tiles and posters. Now, instead of following a brand guidelines and using the already established brand fonts and colours, the designer decides to go rogue and create different looks for each piece. Unfortunately, this approach would most likely be met with a very unhappy client who failed to see a return on investment on this campaign, it did not meet the brief.

Consistent branding allows customers to recognise and interact with your brand throughout each of the touch points in their customer journey.

Whether online, through various mobile devices, in publications or seeing an advertisement, this material should all be integrated and evoke the same feelings and response from your client. What some designers see as just a “small change” that doesn’t make a difference is actually the beginning of the end! Changing a font type or colour here and there will eventually lead to material that deflects from the original business values and does not connect to the existing branding. It will confuse your audience, they will not recognise you.

At Paliant Design, we focus on integrating consistent branding throughout all our work. Our personal approach allows us to create work that perfectly aligns with your brand and connects with your customers.

Say it with us now… consistency is key!!!