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Interning at Paliant Design

Being an intern at Paliant Design has been one of the best and most valuable experiences in my design career so far. 

My name is Taylor, I am a third year University student studying Media and Visual Design and I am currently interning at Paliant Design! The thought of being a part of a professional studio for the first time was very nerve wracking, however, from the moment I met Alice and the rest of the Paliant Design team I felt welcomed and excited.

Paliant Design was perfect for me, their values and work lined up with my style of design and the way I feel about design. I instantly clicked with Alice and saw that she is everything I’d want out of an internship mentor. We had a chat, Alice looked through my work and the rest is history! 

I am now in my tenth week of interning at Paliant Design. I have learnt so much in such a short time. From developing colour palettes, using space and typography, keyboard shortcuts, re-working logos and managing social media, to interacting with other passionate designers and how a successful studio manages clients, projects, time and resources. The feedback and development the team has provided has been so valuable, it has made me more confident as a designer and as a person. However, most importantly, the team has shown me how to have fun at work, they have provided a welcoming, helpful and warm environment. The Paliant designers are hard working, motivated designers which as an intern, continuously inspires me. My design skills have dramatically excelled since being here and I know there is so much more to learn. 

The best part about interning at Paliant Design is knowing I have a team of kind, helpful and strong women to teach and support me on my design journey. 


Taylor Green
University of Adelaide