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The infamous infographic!

By March 1, 2021No Comments

Ahhh the infamous infographic! A big buzz word that you may have heard going around. Well yes they are great… but what are they?

The beauty of infographics is the simple and effective way that they visually translate a message to your audience. For example, with the times that are changing at the moment, stores have had to implement different policies for safe trading and are required to inform customers of how to best visit their store. Quick and simple A4 infographic signage, on the front door and within the store, can easily guide and direct customers to best practices for their safety.

Another use for infographics can be creating an overall picture of your business and its mission or values. This could include details such as how many years you have been trading, the number of stores and employees, where products are manufactured etc. These company infographics are a fantastic snapshot for customers to see your business operations as a whole in a fun and engaging way.

Below is an example of an infographic we created to demonstrate ‘7 reasons why you need a GREAT logo’! We have used a simple 7-step process, clear and concise language and recognisable icons to communicate our message.














If you have an idea that you want to share but you’re not sure how to approach it, maybe an infographic is the best way to visually communicate it?

Please feel free to reach out if you would like any help with an infographic. If you have the content, we can provide the layout!